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Baladi Restaurant
Come savor the flavor of authentic Mediterranean food prepared at our restaurant in Bridgeview, Illinois. Baladi Restaurant is a full-service Mediterranean restaurant where you can enjoy traditional cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our family-owned-and-operated restaurant serves the finest Mediterranean food using recipes and techniques we enjoyed for the last 100 years. We are located in the heart of south side Chicago (Bridgeview restaurant ).  Baladi also cater our menu for your special event. Contact us for more details.
Baladi Specialty
Mansaf or Mancef (Arabic,منسف ) is a Bedouin dish of ancient Jordan. Mancef (Manacef or manacaf) made of lamb cooked with Jameed (yogurt sauce) and served with rice. The lamb is cooked in a broth made with Jameed, and served on a large platter optionally with flatbread (markook) topped with rice and then meat, garnished with nuts (almonds and pine nuts), and the sauce poured over all. Mansaf is served on special occasions such as weddings and births, or to honor a guest, and of course on main holidays such as
Kebab ( kabab, kabob, kibob) different types of grilled meat dishes in Middle Eastern or Mediterranean cuisine. Kebab is made of grilled or broiled meats on a skewer or stick. The most common kebabs include chicken,  lamb and beef.

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Baladi Lunch Menu
Shish Kabobs— chicken, shrimp, Lamb, and beef marinated in our specialty flavor and cooked on grill, served with rice and your choice of salad or soup

Seafood Platters— barbecued, Broiled, fried, or on the grill.

Tabouleh Salads— Fine crushed wheat, tomatoes, parsley, and a blend of spices on a bed of Romaine lettuce

Tender piece of marinated steak cooked on charcoal

Two skewers lamb, two skewers kifta lamb


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Restaurant Description
Baladi is a  Middle Eastern Restaurant that offers a wonderful selection of Middle Eastern-style cuisine in a cozy, inviting atmosphere. We offer some of the finest menu selections. Our staff and talented chefs are dedicated to making your dining experience enjoyable, fun, relaxing, and pleasurable. Whether you bring your family in for quality time together in out family section or gather with your friends for a healthy meal, Baladi Restaurant is the perfect place for everyone!
Tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, and tahini sauce
Red Snapper (FRIED)
Whole red snapper, served with fish sauce, Middle Eastern rice, and sauteed vegetables

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